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Dysfunctional movement patterns can lead and even cause injuries to the body.  However when it comes to the quality of our movement, we should first look at our feet first to assess for any dysfunctional movement patterns or pain in other parts of our bodies.  Like a b...

     To achieve optimal sport performance our bodies must be able to function at high levels, meaning that they must have the proper nutrition, flexibility, mobility, stability, strength, and endurance to live up to the demands our sports ask of us.   When we have a br...

How nutrition help us move better and helps to keep us injury free

Squatting is one of the best exercises we can do to improve our overall fitness.  However, most people think of squats as an exercise that strengthens the leg muscles, and while this is true, squatting does so much more for the body. 

  • Squats promotes muscle bui...

Tennis is unlike many other sports. While most sports require both aerobic and anaerobic conditioning and a good amount of strength and flexibility, tennis is a sport that can also be played and enjoy your entire life. Many of you might not know, but I have been playin...

Do you have knee pain? Is the pain in your knees preventing you from doing the things you want and living the lifestyle you deserve.  According to the “American Osteopathic Association” knee pain is the second most common cause of chronic pain and affects nearly one th...

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