Your first initial visit will last approx. 60 to 75 minutes where patient paperwork will be completed and/or reviewed, an evaluation to assess your current condition and diagnosis from your referring Physician will be conducted.  A treatment plan will be discussed, and your first therapy session will begin.  For your convenience, new patient paperwork will be emailed to you before your initial evaluation and can be filled out and sent back digitally.  We try to stay as green as possible, but realize that some people just prefer to fill out there forms on paper, so we also make our intake forms available for download from our website under on the FORMS menu button at the top of the page.  After your initial evaluation, we offer 1/2 sessions and 1 hours sessions.  However your individual plan of care may call for specific session lengths in order for you to reach your goals.  1/2 sessions are approximately 25 mins long and 1 hour sessions are approximately 50 - 55 min long to allow for us to prepare for the next patient.  We will provide your referring physician and/or primary care doctor updated notes for their review and so they are aware of the progress you are making. 


We are a cash based practice!  We are competitively priced and comparable to a specialty insurance co-pay.  We accept cash, checks, and all major credit card as payment. 


Does MVP Therapy accept insurance?

  • Can I be reimbursed by my insurance?

    • We can provide office visit notes and treatment codes to you the patient.  It is your responsibility to submit that information to your insurance.​

  • How much is an office visit?

    • New patient phone, or in-person, consult - FREE

    • Initial Evaluation is $95.00

    • Established patient 1 hour sessions - $75.00 a visit.​

    • Established patient 1/2 hour sessions - $40.00 a visit.

    • We also offer many programs that help with cutting down the cost!!

  • How many visits will I need?

    • Although it depends on your diagnosis, condition, and how long you've had the condition:  I usually tell people to give me a hand full of visits, and at that time we will re-evaluate.  If you are all the way better, then cool...you're done!, if you are some where in between...then you may need a few more visits, and if you are no where better...then we may need to re-evaluate or get you back to your doctor for further diagnostics. ​​​​​

    • Most Appointments will consist of 

      • Therapeutic / Corrective exercises

      • Manual therapy

      • Soft Tissue Work - Myofascial Release

      • Electric Modalities

      • Reviews of your home exercise program and your goals

  • Do I need to wear anything specific to my appointment?

    • No it's not necessary!  However it is best to wear loose fitting and comfortable clothes to exercise or stretch in.​

  • Is my primary care doctor informed of my visit?

    • Yes we communicate with your physician. Your therapist will complete a progress summary that will be either mailed, faxed, or given to your physician during your visit to follow up with them. 











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